To contact Liping or the staff of the inn, to get some more information or to book a room, the best is to give us a phone call at 0086 0872 2661599 (0086 for China, 0872 for Dali) as we do not have internet connection in the mountains...

If it is not urgent, you can also write us an email at

For more information about activities at the inn or in Dali, you can contact our friends from the collective Slow Motion:

Talk to you soon!!
Tel: 0086 0872 2661599 or 13988539680

Add: Cangshan Daorendong, Dali old town
Yunnan, China, 671003
The Higherland Inn is a friend of the Sky & Sea Lodge, the collective Slow Motion,
the trekking agency Amiwa Trek, the culture studio Smart Fish and the Yoga studio Yoga Gaia.