Kajiacun Primary School Development

Sitting on a typical grassland landscape of Southern Gansu, Kajiacun is a Tibetan village located in Zhuoni County within the southern Gansu Tibetan autonomy prefecture. The village is 20 km away from the nearest town which is called Kangduo xiang. There are approximate 60 families in Kaijiacun. These Tibetans live in traditional mud brick houses or brick buildings with traditional style. The local economy is mainly based on animal husbandry.

There isn't any school or community facility in the village and most of the villagers haven't received any education. For a small number of families whom can afford the cost, their children need to travel 20km away to attend the primary school at the nearest town. Due to the distant travel, the children can only return home during their school holidays.

Sherap, a monk of Labrang monastery who was originally from this village, began this plan of starting a primary school with the local villagers last year. The aim is to enable the approximate 30 children to receive basic education such as Tibetan writing and Chinese language.

The goal of the school is to provide the village children with free education from primary one to six. After the conversation between Sherap and the local township government, it was agreed that the local government will provide one teacher, paid by the government. It is planned that the government will provide one more teacher in the future. The new school also hopes in the future to be able to issue the certificate of primary six level following the national standard.

At the present stage, a room of a brick building, sitting next to a small temple on the top of a slope, with a 30 minutes walking distant away from the village is used as the classroom. However the location is far from water source and other villages. In the long run, it was believed to be inconvenient and unsafe for the teacher. Also together with the limited space provided by the present classroom, the villagers have decided to build a new school complex next to the village.

For the building of the new school complex, the village will need to bare all the construction costs. There won't be any incurred cost that needs to be paid to the government. The village will also need to provide their own teaching materials and all the other supporting materials. Kajiacun is now planning to build the new school complex at this plot of land on the edge of the village which is 60m by 30m. The new complex will include six classrooms, playground facility such as basketball racks, two teachers' bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bedroom for future visitors who may give class on a temporary voluntary base. The building will be one storey high using fired bricks wall, wooden column, modern roof tiles, windows and basic electricity supply.

This first stage of construction cost a total around RMB 50,000. The cost includes: building material, material transportation cost, and playground facility such as basketball racks.
(P.S: Building material such as wood and stone will be taken freely from the site; the villagers will also provide help as basic construction labour)

1.0 [Area required sponsorship]

First Stage:

1.1 New school complex construction cost, playground construction cost;

1.2 Teaching materials, stationeries, library books, school bags, art materials, sport materials

Second Stage:

1.3 Short term voluntary teachers (English/ Sport/ Art);

1.4 Other possible area, such as: audio visual equipments, computers.

2.0 [First stage plan: school construction] (1.1)

5mX 4m (3 nos)
3mX 4m (1 nos)

Teacher's dormitory:
2.7mX 3.5m(4 nos, including kitchen)

Visitor bedroom:
5mX 3.5m

2.1 Construction Cost:

Fired bricks 5,4000 X 0.4 18,000
Mud brick(fencing wall ) 1,5000X 0.15 2,250
Cement 15 tonne 6,000
Wages for builders   18,000
Roof tiles 4,500X 0.7 3,150
Wooden board(ceiling) 50 sheets 25 1,250
Others(glass, electric wires, globe, paint...etc)   2,200
Total cost:
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