Higherland sits 2600m above Yunnan's beautiful Old Town Dali and Lake Erhai, perched on the edge of Cang Mountain, halfway to its 4122m summit. We are just 150m above Zhonghe Taoist Temple and the top of the chairlift.

All rooms at the guesthouse have windows facing out over the mountain. Indoor and outdoor dining/relaxation areas offer beautiful views of the valley below. This is an ideal spot for a mountain climbing base camp, with day-treks to the peak, or for chilling out and enjoying the beauty of Dali from high above.

Getting there:
Most people ride the chairlift to Zhonghe Temple, then walk the last 150m.
/// Since February 2012, the cable car is on repair or at least not in service///

Hiking is another option - it takes a bit less than two hours, on trails that are both fun and safe.
You can also get there by horseback. Guided horse rentals available at the base of the mountain cost about 30-40 RMB (US$5-6).
If you plan to take the chairlift, be sure to get the discounted ticket from our booking office in town at 35yuan for a return ticket, or one way up for 25.

Where are we?
Above Dali, half way up the Cangshan Mountain.

How can I get there?
You can walk from Dali old town, go through the Western Gate (Cangshan Men),walk along Sanyuejie (the Dali market street), turn right at the top of it, then go straight up to the gate of Charilift entrance. Just buy the ticket in the main travel agency for discounted price about 40yuan for two way, otherwise you will pay 60yuan at the chairlift office.
The government starts to charge 30yuan for mountain park entrance fee since April, 2006. The main ticket office just 50 meters outside of chairlift entrance. Other ticket booths can be found, for example close to the Movie Center (TianLongBaBu).
This will take you about 20minutes. If you have a big bag, you also can take a tuk-tuk outside of the gate to the entrance for 3-5yuan.
It will take about 30minutes on the lift, after that you will walk 15minutes straight up from the Zhonghe Temple to reach our inn.
You also can take a horse, about 40minutes , pay 30yuan to get our place.
If you are fit, just take the trail right underneath the lift for one and half hour to the Inn (take the path at the right hand side of the red&white billboard.
Tel: 0086 0872 2661599 or 13988539680
E-mail: higherlandali@gmail.com

Add: Cangshan Daorendong, Dali old town
Yunnan, China, 671003
The Higherland Inn is a friend of the Sky & Sea Lodge, the collective Slow Motion,
the trekking agency Amiwa Trek, the culture studio Smart Fish and the Yoga studio Yoga Gaia.