Family: Our family room has one big bed and a small bed; extra blanket will be supplied for your kids if needed. The quiet and warm environment is the best place to educate your kids anything they are interested; like plants, animals, or some Chinese history. They can play with our pets: xiaoxin (the dog), dilei (the sheep), jiajia (cat) and a duck. Cartoon movies are prepared for them as well. They might create a piece of great work with our paints and papers while you are reading!

Writer and Artist: Express yourself in the inspiring nature. A singing bird, a beautiful sunrise, a clean night sky full of stars, sound of wind and rain, a stunning color of wild flowers, and more will inspire you do something outstanding.

Hiker: There are some short easy treks and long hard trails around us, upon our maps and information; you will discover the real beauty of Dali in Cangshan Mountain. Overlooking Dali old town and Erhai Lake, walking in the highland pine tree forest and moving above clouds.

Botanist: Yunnan is the so-called "kingdom of flora" and Dali is a place famous for Orchids, Camellias and Azaleas which are all growing in Cangshan Mountain. Live here, you will have chance to explore around for some rare plants, herbs.

Backpacker: Far away from crowds, a very unique place to relax during the tough long travel in China, stay in the nature, breath fresh air, watch highland clouds and sky. Writing, reading or doing nothing is perfect to be here. If you come in a small group, we also can arrange a special party for you!
Tel: 0086 0872 2661599 or 13988539680

Add: Cangshan Daorendong, Dali old town
Yunnan, China, 671003
The Higherland Inn is a friend of the Sky & Sea Lodge, the collective Slow Motion,
the trekking agency Amiwa Trek, the culture studio Smart Fish and the Yoga studio Yoga Gaia.