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Dali is a hiker's heaven, with trails for every level of climbing enthusiast, whether you want to take it slow and enjoy the scenery, or go for a challenging climb. Hiking and mountain biking stores sell or rent gear in town. We can provide tents, torches, maps, first aid, and some of the most knowledgeable guides on the mountain to take you on trips ranging from 1-4 days. Hikers should be in good health, as the altitude and radical weather changes can be difficult for some.

What to bring for hiking and climbing

Hiking shoes, torches, windbreaker and light raincoat, warm sweater, ropes and rock climbing gear, thermos or canteen, first aid supplies

What we can provide

Tents, sleeping bags, inflatable mattress, hiking snacks/meals, trail maps, hammocks, and outdoor cooking supplies

Mountain hiking tours (2Days)

People need to be fit.

1) One day (6hours hike): Leave at 9:00am, then take a jeep ride; about 1hour to 3200m of Cangshan, where we start hike. Medium steep trail will lead us to the top of Zhonghe Peak is 4090m. Then come down from the other side.

2) Two days D1--(2hours hike)???-??--After late breakfast, meet in office at 10:00, start heading to the mountain. About 2hours slow walk to Zhonghe Temple. Visit around the temple and have lunch or snack break in Higherland Inn.

After tea rest, you can choose either do more walks along the Cloud Road or stay in the inn to relax.

Have dinner in the inn, a wonderful chance to try different dishes around a Chinese round table. Everything is delicious.?

Stay here overnight; enjoy Dali in night-lights and sunrise.

D2--(8hours hike)---Get up early around 7:00pm to check out the amazing sunrise (depends on whether), have a good breakfast and take good hiking food package. 5hours hike up to the TV station (4090m), then walk back slowly about another 3 hours. Stay in the Inn one more night or take lift back to town.

Mountain camping tour (3Days)

D1--Same plan as above.

D2--After breakfast, get everything packed ready, start hiking about 6hours with backpack, will arrive the camping site --the Horse-washing pool area by a stream, a beautiful azalea valley (3700m), around 4:00am.

D3--Have breakfast at 9:00am; reach the top at 11:30, three hours heading down after a break. (Long steep down hill!) Will be back the inn around 3:00pm.

Here are some examples of trekking trips that can be organised in Yunnan...

Zhongdian---Deqin---Yubeng, Shenpu,Glacier---Yongzhi ---GONGSHAN-Liuku-Dali-Km

Duration: 14days
Day of trekking: 8days
Fitness level:
Best time: April, May, June, September, October.

This is a special trek in the area where the three rivers (Yangzi, Mekong and Salween) are running parallel down from Tibet Plateau.

Zhongdian: The center Tibetan town in Yunnan province, close to South of Sichuan Tibetan area and east of Tibet. A town has massive grassland and yak farms outside and massive wooden house inside. There are several lakes near by the hills outside the town, hop spring is also a good relax choice after all the travels, of course the Songzanli Monastery is a has to go spot for experience the Tibetan Buddhism.

Deqin, Mingyong Glacier and Yubeng: From the north of Deqin, in the clear day, can see the Meili snow Mt range, and the Kawagebo Peak (6740m). The Mingyong Glacier is the nearest one to tropical line, it's m, through the stairs on the rocks can see her gray green face and hear the cracks like dynamite. Yubeng is a village on the pilgrimage circle of Meili Mt, it's hidden in the forest, and protected by the holy iced lake and sacred water falls.

Gongshan: The mountain of Azaleas, When the trekking ends, take the bus ride along the Salween valley back to Dali via Liuku, rest in the peaceful Higherland Inn up the Cangshan Mt, enjoy the view of Erhai Lake and delicious home cooking, then go back Kunming.

Baoshan stone village-Lugu Lake

Trek from Lijiang Shibao Shan to Lugu Lake,

Duration : 7days, 5 days trek, 5-6 hours walk per day,

Fitness level: average

Baoshan stone village: 6hours ride from Lijiang, it's a village perched on a grand rock, only 100 families are living here. Walk through deep valleys, terraced fields and small villages; the people we will meet will be Yi, Lisu, Naxi, and Mosuo. The last day we finish the trek in Yongning County, we will see the Lugu Lake in the afternoon, then on the way back to Lijiang or stay at Lugu Lake.

Meili Pilgrimage

Meili Snow Mountain:
Located north of Zhongdian, in Deqin Tibetan region, and extends into Tibet. It's one of the famous holy mountains in the south east of Tibet. Thirteen high peaks, the highest peak is Kawagebo-6710m above sea level. Tibetan respects it as a male and has the character of goat.

Best time of the year: Sep, Oct, May, and June.

16 days

Fitness Level: High

Trip starts at Zhongdian, then take one day jeep ride to Deqin.

1. Leave Deqin for YaZha Bridge.

2 and half hours drive, along the Mekong River, amazing valleys, and good road. Meet horses at the bridge, and then start hike into Yongzhi Village,

3 hours leisurely walk. Home stay one night. Maybe have a dancing party with families and other villagers. 2. Walk along the river, up hill, down hill and easy slops after lunch. Pass through a small cave, which everybody needs bend through around for a good next life. Water is very clean and green, forest is rich. Meet lots of pilgrims with loads.

Camp inside woods by river in the early afternoon.

3. Easy sloppy up and down, flat along the river, lunch in farmer's hut, then 1 and half hour walk to the Yak farm, rest and camp. Wet grass meadow, by river.

4. Steep climb in the morning for 2 or three hours, over a high pass 4200m. People build tiny stony houses for the died person before the pass. Many designs. Then 1h go down hill by river, have lunch in the hut. Then start go into Tibet. Camp by river in the woods, wet.

5. Easy walk along the river, not too steep for 3hours, then 1hour steep over a small pass, half an hour steep down to the bridge (Quna Tang), Have lunch by river. Then keep walking in the forest, and camp.

6. A quite climb, over a pass, then three hours down hill, to a village, home stay or camp tonight.

7. Leave village, walk along the cobbled road with no trees. Start seeing lots of Tibetan descriptions carved on rock, some are very small, some are very big, also lots of Buddha images that without head.(Destroyed by Red Guards). Have lunch by the temple (Lakangla), where we see Nu River (salween river) first time. Then walk along the road about 2 hours to Quzhu, the hot spring spot. It's near by Nu River, under the road, has few ponds, very clean water, but not warm enough, only can feel the temperature, but good for washing.

8. Flat walk along the road until Zhana, a small town inside Tibet Stay in the Guesthouse, and have lunch here.

9. Leave NuRiver in the morning, start walk up into other villages, buy some very small but sweet apples, then have lunch in 30 minutes. A short morning. No water on the way after lunch. 2 or three hours climb to a pass, then go downhill to the bottom, after 2 hours stay in a village before Gebu.

10. After Gebu, no water until dinner, need take some water for lunch. Go uphill 2hours, no tree along the pass, hot in the sun. Then a long walk uphill all the way to camp near the pass, COLD during night. Sleep in the mushroom hut.

11. Cross the high pass after breakfast in 30minutes, then go downhill, have lunch before the temple or at the temple spot. (1hour difference). If whether is good, can see Kawagebo peak. 2hours uphill to the village.

Stay in the village.

12. Take enough water for drink, no water until camp. All the way up hill to campsite, have lunch and rest. Burn tons of plastic rubbish here. Can have a snack stop before camping. Very nice spot, just right face to Kawakapo peak and a red stone mountain. Very cold at night, ice outside the tent next day morning.

13. Depend on the whether, if it's very clear in the early morning, it's good time for picturing the wonderful view of snow peaks. But freezing cold. After 2 hours, cross the highest pass 5300. Then walk downhill into a beautiful valley with colorful trees. (Autumn red and gold). Have lunch at 1 and half clock at yak farm land by river. Early Camp by river, enough time for washing, still cold during evening. It's the last night camping.

14. Get up to finish all the food, then heading to the end of trek. About 4 hours down hill walk along the river, the trek finishes by the road to Lhasa.

15. Take our private car back to Deqin.

16. Bus ride back to Zhongdian, good rest and party during the night, Trip finishes. Fly back to Kunming next day in the morning.

Lijiang---LuGu lake---Yading---Daocheng---Zhongdian

Best time: September, October, April, May.

Whether and temperature: Dry and sunny, no non stop

rains, very hot during walk, 15--5

Fitness Level: High

Duration: 12 days

Day of trekking: 8days

Northeast of Lijiang, from the lake Lugu take a bus for 1 and half hour, a village called "Hot spring". Stay in the local family guesthouse. The Mosuo and Pumi people are living here. The villages are surrounded by beautiful hills. Can have some very nice home visiting or check out the hot springs.

This is the start of trekking into south of Sichuan-Yading, 8days. Everyday walk about 7 hours.

Yading is a national reserve with three holy mountains, lake and rivers. It's one of the eleven holy mountains in Tibet. The southern peak is 5958 m, Jamleyang, presents the Boddisattva of Wisdom, the Eastern peak is the same height as the southern peak, Chanadorje, presents the bodhisattva of wrath; the northern peak is 6032m, Shenrezig, presents the bodhisttva of compassion and patron-saint of Tibet.

Food condition: very limited by meat, potato, egg and some other dry veggies, rice and instant noodle.

People we meet are: Mosuo, Pumi, Mogol, Tibetan, Yi, Han,

Places we will camp: Forest, Grassland, Farmers hut,

Places we will walk through:
Grassland, Mountains, Forest, Rivers, Wetland, and Yak fields, High mountain Passes (5300m), Old Fortress during 17century. Arrive the Yading national reserve in the last day.

Dali Cangshan---Tiger Leaping Gorge ---Haba Village---Zhongdian

Duration: 11days
Fitness level: high
Best time: October, March, and April.

Dali, Cangshan: As a wind screen of Old Dali town, the summit of Cangshan mountain is Malong Peak which is 4122meters, of course it's hard march along the cliffs after 3700meters, it's hard to believe there is a TV station at the second highest summit Zhonghe Peak which is 4090m, people still maintaining the facilities. There are lots of Bai legend about this Cangshan Mountain upon its miserable clouds, marble, spring pools, waterfalls and magnificent gorges, 18 streams and 19peaks all named beautifully by the king of Nanzhao Kingdom. Hiking in Cangshan is a great expedition, starts from Higherland Inn is the nearest and most beautiful way to the summit. Five hours up and three hours down, you will walk through Pine tree forest, bamboo bushes, azalea plateau, rocky marble pass, and grand pools which locates 3700m, squirrels are jumping among the trees, you can get great view of Whole Erhai Lake and Dali valley, if one is lucky can also see the summit of Jade Dragon Mountain at the far north and Chicken Foot Mountain at far east. The very scenic and very charming hike on Cangshan Mt range is the Cloud Pass which winding around six mountains (gorges) and five creeks (waterfalls), there are three temples in-between (two already turned up commercial, one is very quiet), the distance is 18km. The gorge is deep and green and water is amazingly clear and green blue. The pass was repaved by stones in 2004, its flat and has the open view of Erhai Lake and Old Dali town, sometimes you can hear the wind whistling in the gorge, sometimes you can be chilled in the shade of pine trees, sometimes you can be excited by pheasant passing by but all the time you will be refreshed by the clean air and powerful sunshine.

Tiger leaping Gorge: A world known gorge, an unforgettable trek in china. The most impressive point is the view of the 13 snow peaks of Jade Dragon Mountain (the highest one is 5970), it's perching on your right side along the trail, it's a trek washes your brain and your soul, you just get astonished. There are plenty of little wooden guesthouses run by local villagers along the whole way, they all embraced by fabulous view. 2days hike from Qiaotou to Walnut village, and then the paved road extends to the north to Zhongdian via Haba village and White water terraces.

Haba Mountain: Locals believe it's higher than Jade Dragon, but literally written is lower. Doesn't matter, one of the mountain very popular for climbers. It does look very easy to go, but takes most of climbers threes to go to the summit if they meet good whether. Day hiking around all the villages is a exciting, people are living in different height of fields, they are Lisu, Muslim, Naxi, and Yi. One day trekking to Black Lake which is stunningly big and clear, locates around 4800m.

After Haba village, takes one day walk along valleys to Baishui Tai, lived by Naxi people. Possible can see ancient frossecoos of Trip finishes in Zhongdian, people can choose sightseeing around Tibetan grassland, village, Songzanli Monastery or relax in the cozy caf in the old town. Then take fly to the next destination.


Jinghong is the first stop in china when you overland from Lao or Thailand. It's a capital city of Xishuangbanna where mainly habited by Dai people, but there are more than 15 minorities are hidden in the forests with different tradition, different clothes, and of course different language. The forest cafe has more than seven year experience on arranging trekking in the jungle, local village and great market. Check with Sarah by www.forest-cafe.org

Here are example of more "ethnic" tours...

Duration: 20 days.

Fitness level: Pretty high

Best time to come: April, May, June, September, and October.

Dali 3 days: Stay up the mountain in the Higherland Inn (2600m) for two nights, enjoy the view of whole Dali old town and the Erhai Lake, walk on the cloud pass which is paved by stones, winding around the mountain ranges for 18km, it's safe and easy to walk, amazing view of the gorge and forest. Can also do the hike adventure up to the summit, which is 4200m. During spring, there are all kinds of azaleas blossom from different altitude, white, purple, pink, red and Yellow.

Weishan 2days: The famous Taoism Mountain in Yunnan, very peaceful place without many tourists, has the chance to stay in the old Temple with pools and gods.

Shaxi 2days: One of the historical town protected by government, one the old Tea-Horse trail towards Tibet. The village has one old temple; one stage, one square, and many old trading stalls attached with houses along few streets.many big houses of rich horse men's. The valley around the village is beautiful, and more beautiful stages in the nearby villages. Can take day walk to visit all, also the Shibao Shan grotto is very famous too where has the statue of Buddha and the Nanzhao royal life show which is more than one thousand years old.

Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge 5days: Lijiang is a romantic attractive town as all the people know, good to stay one day to enjoy, the TigerLeaping Gorge is stunningly beautiful by the snow peaks in front of you and the Yangzi roaring along the whole trek, it's a place has to see and stay.

Weixi 2days: It's a town of Bai, Lisu and Naxi, Tibetan people, on the side of Meikong River, close to the Cizhong church, which was built by 17 century, French missionary came try to make wine, so there is lots of Grape farms still working until now. On the way to Deqin is the most amazing ride among all your travels, Mekong is running all the way along the road, small and big hills are red, gray or snow capped makes the drops astonishing.

Deqin, Mingyong Glacier and Yubeng 5days: From the north of Deqin, in the clear day, can see the Meili snow Mt range, and the Kawagebo Peak (6740m). The Mingyong Glacier is the monsoon marine glacier, is the lowest altitude and latitude among the modern glacier in the world. It's six square meter and 12 km, from Mingyong village, walk three hours along the stairs on the rocks can see her gray green face and hear the cracks like dynamite. Yubeng is a village on the pilgrimage circle of Meili Mt, it's hidden in the forest, and protected by the holy iced lake and sacred water falls.

Zhongdian 2 days: The center Tibetan town in Yunnan province, close to South of Sichuan Tibetan area and east of Tibet. A town has massive grassland and yak farms outside and massive wooden house inside. There are several lakes near by the hills outside the town, hot spring is also a good relax choice after all the travels, of course the Songzanli Monastery is a has to go spot for experience the Tibetan Buddhism if you have ever seen any Tibetan temple before.

Fly back to Kunming.


Duration: 10 days.
Best time is from December to April.
Fitness level: middle.

Jinghong 3 or 4days-6 hours walk per day:
The tropical area in the south of Yunnan, share the border with Laos, Burma and Vietnam. The gate way to China from Southeast Asia by land. It's covered by lash rain forests and Mekong run through. Dai is the main nationality; there are also Miao, Aka, Lahu, Aini, and Yao living here with their own traditions and colorful costumes. Stay here one day for start the trip. Then will walk through different villages hidden inside mountains, home stay will give you more chance to experiment local life. The size of the tree in the jungle and hospitality of people will cheer you up.

Yuanyang 2days--6 hours walk per day: A wonderland of rice terraces cultivated by Hani people for thousand and thousand years. Varies of minorities like Yi, Yao, Miao, Hani, etc are living here hormonally. The red river is running through the Ailao Mountains range, makes the big drops from 2400meters to 400meters. Walk in the terraces from one village to the other, the astonishment of the harmony between human power and nature source comes one after another.

Jianshui 2days-- A town has a history of years, the great Chaoyang gate like Tiananmen was built in1389, the second biggest temple of Confucius was built in 1285, very well preserved. The courtyard of Zhu family covers 20,000 square meter, well arranged yards with pond, stage, plants and furnished room is large and magnificent which is very rare to see now in china. Beautiful teahouse with traditional folk show is open to public every night. Very good place for visiting old buildings and feel ancient arts of living here.

Kunming (1day): leisure sightseeing tour around Kunming, Yuan tong temple and Flower-bird market... Take a day off to rest before the next destination!

Amiwa Trek, local trekking agency based in Dali, Yunnan, ChinaFore more information, best is you to contact the professional trekking agency based in Dali Old Town: Amiwa Trek. You can call them at 135 7788 7173 or have a look at their website www.amiwa-trek.com (English) or www.amiwa.fr (French).
They know very well the Dali region and offers a great variety of treks in whole Yunnan.
If you do not have equipment with you, no worries, they can lend or rent you trekking gears, sticks, tents, sleeping bags, etc. You can also have a look at theit pictures galleries, it worth it!! www.amiwa.fr/photos

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