Yunnan is a trekking paradise and the Dali region one of its holy place... The variety of the landscapes mountains (going above 4000 meters high)makes this region very special and enjoyable.
You can trek right from the Higherland Inn as it is located in the middle of the Cangshan mountains. A dosen of different trails (from the easiest walks to the hardest climbing routes) should please any hikers coming in. You can download a small map of the Cangshan here.

Amiwa Trek, local trekking agency based in DaliIf you have any specific trekking ideas, best is to contact our partner, the local trekking agency, Amiwa Trek, based in Dali. The agency is run by Europeans and Chinese in a friendly but professional way. They organise treks and tours of all difficulty, including some combining cultural insights.
To know more about them, have a look at their website or give them a call at (+86) 135 7788 7173...

Tel: 0086 0872 2661599 or 13988539680

Add: Cangshan Daorendong, Dali old town
Yunnan, China, 671003
The Higherland Inn is a friend of the Sky & Sea Lodge, the collective Slow Motion,
the trekking agency Amiwa Trek, the culture studio Smart Fish and the Yoga studio Yoga Gaia.